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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Experience the Thrill of Arriving in Israel as an Oleh...

Experience the Thrill of Arriving in Israel as an Oleh with Nefesh b Nefesh. It’s a ‘high’ you’ll never forget. Also: The religious and moral aspects of our claim to Eretz Israel. And: Walter in a pensive mood.

A Different Look at the Triumph of Good Over Evil

The history of the Jewish people’s struggle for survival in the 20th Century. Also: Who are the Bahai and why are they centered in Israel? Plus: Israel’s foolish policies. And: more.

A personal tribute to Israel's 60th

To conclude my history month, a personal tribute to Israel's 60th. Presenting valuable archive sound with Abba Eban, our first Ambassador to the UN, then USA. It's history in the making. Also: (unofficial) South Africa Week. And: Walter's political review of an eventful month.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Why the Arabs Have No Claim to This Land

How to counter their fallacious arguments about a Palestinian homeland, from a historic perspective. Plus: Another 'be proud of Israel' item; why we lead the world in Water Management Systems and Environmental Technology. And more.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How to Lead from the Front the British Way

And: How Homosexuals and Lesbians do it. Walter visits the parade in Jerusalem. Plus: The Village Green, a restaurant with a difference. Also: An effective remedy for Insomnia.

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The British Way of Raising Funds for Israel

The British Way of Raising Funds for Israel while having fun or following the Freemason’s model. And: A novel way of making Aliyah. Also: Two different cups of coffee. Plus: What’s a stone in the UK? And: By popular request, more from the Ordinary Englishman - and music.

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