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Walter Bingham is a veteran journalist and broadcaster from London who now lives in Jerusalem. His weekly radio programme, Walter´s World, can be heard on Israel National

Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Combat Anxiety

Times are stressful and many people suffer from anxiety. World renowned psychologist, therapist and author Dr. Miriam Adahan is in coversation with Walter. She offers the tools to combat this debilitating condition. And: Harrowing historic recorded reports from the liberation of the concentration camp Bergen Belsen. Today, 2nd Iyar, is the 64th Yahrzeit. Parental guidance advised. For podcast mp3 download click here.

The Nazi War Crimes Trials - interview with Vivien Spitz

At one of the Nazi war crimes trials held in Nuremberg in 1946, twenty-two men and one woman were in the dock. All were doctors who carried out the most horrendous experiments on concentration camp inmates. Vivien Spitz, author of Doctor's From Hell, was the court reporter who heard the voices and saw the faces of evil. This is her chilling story.
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How the Bomb Squad Works

A Report about the Work of the Bomb Squad during Operation Cast Lead, explaining how they were Surprised by the latest 3 Meter long Rockets. Also: How Jerusalem Stone is Quarried in the very Centre of the City, barely 200m from Ben Yehuda St. And: A Fascinating Interview with the Author of a Book about Jewish Women and Hair Covering.

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Ethiopian Documentary

This is an important documentary about the life of our Ethiopian Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel. Walter hears about their transition from primitive village life to the sophisticated western ways. Hear how in Ethiopia they kept a Torah-true way of life, believing that they are the only Jews in the world.
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